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Open Tuesday - Friday 10-5pm & every other Saturday 10-4pm. (May 28th, June 11th & 25th)

Jamie Kay Greer Knit Cardigan

$3974 CAD $5299 CAD

Jamie Kay sources only the finest quality cotton to ensure they are providing your child with nothing but the best.

Why cotton?

Cotton is well known for its ability to breathe while keeping the body nice and warm. Our knits are snuggly, soft and perfect for all seasons.

Material and Care

  • 100% Cotton
  • Delicate wash in a laundry bag.
  • Please follow our care label, wash on cold and do not tumble dry.

Size Guide:

  • Body length: 0/3m 25.5cm, 3/6m 28.5cm, 6/12m 31.5cm, 1yr 35.5cm, 2yr 37.5cm, 3yr 39.5cm, 4yr 41.5cm, 5yr 43.5cm, 6yr 45.5cm, 7yr 47.5cm, 8yr 49.5cm
  • Chest: 0/3m 23cm, 3/6m 24cm, 6/12m 25cm, 1yr 27cm, 2yr 28cm, 3yr 31cm, 4yr 32cm, 5yr 34cm, 6yr36cm, 7yr 38cm, 8yr 39.5cm

Part of the Strawberry Fields Collection