Jamie Kay Jordie Overall

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Jamie Kay Cord - Beautifully crafted from  98% Cotton / 2 % Elastane 

Their Cord & Denim ranges are made from stunning rich dye colours and suggest when you first purchase to please wash before wear and with dark colours to remove any excess dye. 

All metal accessories are nickel free.

Size Guide: 
1/2 Waist - 6-12M 25cm , 1Y 26cm , 2Y 27cm , 3Y 28cm , 4Y 29cm , 5Y 30cm , 6yr 31cm
Inseam Length : 6-12M 30cm , 1YR 32.5cm , 2YR 35cm , 3YR 37.5cm , 4YR 40cm, 5YR 42.5cm, 6YR 45cm
Bib Height : 6-12M & 1YR 13.5cm , 2YR & 3YR 14.5cm , 4Y & 5Y 15.5cm, 6yr 16.5cm 

Please note they have a tolerance of +/- 1-1.5cm for all of their garment measurements. 

For the most accurate garment colour please refer to the flat web image on a desktop computer.