Monkey Bedtime


Suddenly I heard an EEK, a TAP TAP on the pane.
A tiny little monkey face was peering through the rain.
I'm sure my mom won't mind, I thought. He's really very small.
One tiny pygmy marmoset could do no harm at all. . .

When a little boy lets a monkey in through his window, he doesn't expect it to bring all its friends!

But when he is followed by six red-handed howlers, six macaques, ten capuchins and two great big baboons there's going to be trouble! Surely mum will notice the banana skins, the toothpaste, the handprints on the walls . . .

Will he ever get to bed with all this monkeying around?

Alex's hilarious rhyming text matched with Pauline's expressive illustrations makes for the perfect bedtime read!