Moulin Roty - Disks for Storybook Torch



3 Interchangabel discs per box

Beloved storybook torches for amazing bedtime stories go zerowaste! Now it has never been so easy to collect them all...

As many parents (and kids) fell already in love with this original storytelling concept, you'd love the possibility to buy refills without having buying the lamp again. 

This small storybook torch that projects shadows on the ceiling will make you live great adventures at the whim of the imagination with the whole family!

Let your child develop both their cognitive skills of creativity and imagination, they can become whoever they want, create their own world and explore freely to infinity!

Discover all the storybook torches and refills to spend great family moments or between friends!


  • Les Papoum (A Common name for Pets used in the French Language)

Illustrations with soft wolours, full of tenderness, depicting the Papoum characters with their little ones taking an evening dip in the savannah. 

  • La Grande Famille (The Big Family)

Three stories telling the adventures of Sylvain the rabbit, Jeanne the duck and Nini the mouse "Bedtime", "The letter" and "Oh it's snowing"

  • Il Etait Une Fois (Once Upon a Time)

Coloured, delicate illustrations which transport children to an imaginary, enchanted world.

  • Les Voyage D'Olga (Olga's Trips)

Let yourself get carried away in the world of Olga and her friends through the poetic illustrations in soft gentle colours.

  • Les Moustaches (The Mustaches)

Alphonse, Fernand and Lulu are three happy, moustachioed tom cats with an elegant look, a touch snazzy. They share a love of beautiful instruments and cosy atmospheres. Up on the rooftops, the group plays music until night falls under the amused eye of Mr. Owl, their faithful companion.

  • Les Petites Merveilles (Cirque) (The Little Wonders (Circus)

Discover three wonderful stories to tell, thanks to the three discs provided: "Le cirque arrive en ville"(The Circus Comes to Town), "Panique à la ménagerie"(Panic at the Menagerie) and "Sauve qui peut" (Run for your Life).

  • Dans la Jungle (In the Jungle)

A colorful cast of four jungle friends who frolic and play amidst the banana leaves. 

Dimensions: 4,5 x 4,5 x 3,5 cm. 

Suitable from 4 years old.