Moulin Roty - Storybook Torches - Night Time Stories


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**Although this toy is made by a french company, the stories are told by images and does not require knowledge of the language to enjoy the item**

This storybook torch is not to be confused with a simple flashlight. With three discs that clip onto the end of the torch, you can project images onto the wall that tell a story about animals escaping the circus! Encourage story time and imaginative skills with this fun compact toy. The illustrations are vintage-inspired, colourful, and fun!


  • Les Papoum (A Common name for Pets used in the French Language)

Illustrations with soft colours, full of tenderness, depicting the Papoum characters with their little ones taking an evening dip in the savannah. 

  • La Grande Famille (The Big Family)

Three stories telling the adventures of Sylvain the rabbit, Jeanne the duck and Nini the mouse "Bedtime", "The letter" and "Oh it's snowing"

  • Il Etait Une Fois (Once Upon a Time)

Coloured, delicate illustrations which transport children to an imaginary, enchanted world.

  • Les Voyage D'Olga (Olga's Trips)

Let yourself get carried away in the world of Olga and her friends through the poetic illustrations in soft gentle colours.

  • L'explorateur (The Explorer)

Three stories about nature: "Far away", "In the forest" and "Under the sea". 

  • Le Jardin du Moulin (Moulin's Garden)

Preserve delicate flowers, chart new paths and explore the outdoors.

  • Moustaches (Common wording for Whiskers)

Les Moustaches, Alphonse, Fernand and Lulu, perch on the rooftops at night and swing to jazz music with their sleepy friend, Owl

  • Histoires du sir ( The Circus)

1 : The circus comes to town- 2 : Panic in the animal cages- 3 : The lion has escaped - help! Fifties-style illustrations.

  • Chien Pourri (Smelly Dog) 

Pocket torch where each of the three discs tells the adventure of Chien Pourri, the joker school hero, when project on the wall. Colourful illustrations take children into an imaginary, enchanted world.

Each storylamp includes:

  • battery
  • three story discs (8 images each)

Project the image onto a wall, ceiling or hanging sheet for open-ended storytime

Projects images up to 36inches wide.

Thanks to Moulin Roty's story flashlight, let your child develop both their cognitive skills of creativity and imagination.