Oliver & Ko Alphabet Cards - Animals


This fun set of animal flashcards includes 26 cards with both uppercase and lowercase letters.

These cards are perfect for teaching your little ones new words and letters.

Each card measures 4.5" x 5.75" and is printed on 130lb card stock with rounded edges. The backside of the cards are blank and will be packaged in a linen drawstring bag.

Set includes hand-illustrated letters A-Z:

Aa is for alpaca
Bb is for butterfly
Cc is for chicken
Dd is for dinosaur
Ee is for elephant
Ff is for fawn
Gg is for gecko
Hh is for hedgehog
Ii is for ibis
Jj is for jellyfish
Kk is for kiwi
Ll is for ladybug
Mm is for meerkat
Nn is for narwhal
Oo is for owl
Pp is for pig
Qq is for quail
Rr is for rhinoceros
Ss is for squirrel
Tt is for turkey
Uu is for urchin
Vv is for vicuna
Ww is for walrus
Xx is for xenarthra
Yy is for yak
Zz is for zebra