plumkids label Tiny Human T-Shirt

$14.49 $28.99


Made of organic cotton. Slim fit. Sizes 0-3M, 3-6M with shoulder snaps. 


Plümkids Label is a children's line created and founded by clothing designer and book author Jas Ogar. They love creating fun, simple, minimalist and comfortable clothes for babies and kids. Their goal is blending quality fabrics with polished aesthetic, and creating unique, modern and fashionable clothing pieces for your kids that fit comfortably and feel good on the skin. They have been featured in the November of 2019 issue of British Vogue, as well as listed as one of the favorite children’s clothing stores on Jillian Harris, Maria Bateman, and Jesse Cruickshank Blogs.  

Plümkids Label small company's driving force is GIVING BACK. 10% of every TINY HUMAN item goes to support charities that aid financial and medical needs of children.