Rock Blocks - Set of 16


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Handcrafted natural blocks are a classic and all-time favorite. There is a sense of connection when playing and constructing with this set. You can feel the texture and warmth of the tree through your fingers. Each block is crafted from a tree with a story of growth and decades of life.

This set consists of 2 different species of wood: Alder + Pine. These species are two of the most sustainable and accessible woods the US has to offer.

-Improves Coordination: Encourages development of dexterity, logic, and reasoning skills

-Open-Ended Play: Balancing blocks allows children to build freely and creatively, letting the wonder of imagination run wild.

-Unplugged Toy: Kids need hands-on, sensory toys, and rock blocks are sure to satisfy. No screens/batteries needed.

-Captivating + Challenging: The best toy to keep kids, and the whole family, entertained and happy!

-Child safe, non-toxic, and eco-friendly building blocks.

-Handmade in Utah

    Set of 16. Packaged in a cardboard box.

    Recommended Age: 2+

    Every block is unique. The blocks shown will be different than the blocks you receive. Sizing can vary between a width/height of 1.5" and 3". Vibrancy of color depend on wood type.