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Open Tuesday - Friday 10-5pm & every other Saturday 10-4pm. (May 14th & 28th)

Smash + Tess Monday Romper

$9520 CAD $11900 CAD


Oh Monday, just this once can’t you show up a little late? Or forget to show up all together? Well, if we all have to face another Monday, Smash + Tess did their best to make it a little more comfy, a LOT more cute, and they just might have found the fix for those Sunday Scaries! Ok ok...they're not making your boss any nicer or that baby sleep any longer, so maybe they didn’t fix The Scaries, but this adorable Monday Romper will at least make you feel cuter while braving our least-favourite day of the week.

Smash + Tess' Monday Romper will have you saying YASSSSSS MONDAY instead of faking a cough to get out of your 9am meeting. Made in their signature Rayon from bamboo and cotton blend in Midnight Black, this Romper has all the other days of the week seriously jealous. It has ¾ length arms, cute jogger cuffs, our signature drop waist, and a new and exciting Smash + Tess neckline that’s a little higher and flattering on every #smashtessfam.