SplashEZ Dino Tubez Mold Free Bath Toyz (3 Pack)


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A Wild Time

Make water play wildly fun with SplashEZ dinosaurs babies! Your baby bath will now include 3 adorable friends — Rexi the dangerous Tyrannosaurus Rex, Tri the beasty Triceratop and Peter the flying Pterosaur!

No Harm, All Joy

Let your little one splash in safety! Unlike many infant bath toys, your BPA free with an airtight- hole-less design means no water seeps in. After bathtime, the toys dry off and stay odor, slime, and mold-free for always!

Play and Learn

With your toddler toys, playtime is learning time. A great companion to our educational wading pool, your beach toy set helps teach animal types and sounds, letters, colors, and more!

The Best Gift

Searching for the perfect gift for the young family or small swimmer in your life? Delight them with bath toys for babies and toddlers from SplashEZ and enable years of happy memories!