Medela Hands-Free Collection Cups


Medela’s Hands-free Collection Cups are our first wearable pump set. Using research-based design, their Collection Cups feature an anatomical shape for ultimate comfort and fit discreetly inside your bra without weighing you down for easy portability.

Their Collection Cups were designed to keep you hands-free for all your multi-tasking needs. With only three parts, they are also easy to clean, leaving you more precious time for all the other things in your busy life.

Medela Hands-free Collection Cups, are designed to work with your existing Freestyle Flex, Pump in Style with MaxFlow, or Swing Maxi double electric breast pump. These ultra-portable cups turn your existing pump into a hands-free breast pump for ultimate flexibility. Cups fit in your bra for easy pumping; the lightweight design lets you multitask while pumping. Cups feature just 3 parts to clean and come with two sizes of anatomically-designed breast shields for a comfortable fit. With Medela Hands-free Collection Cups you have one pump, yet with two ways of pumping, ensuring you have the solution for any pumping situation without compromising on performance. 

  • Anatomic shape:  The Hands-free Collection Cups are designed to comfortably fit your breast shape and support effective milk expression and more comfort.
  • Ultra-lightweight:  Hands-free Collection Cups are among the lightest available (2.7oz / 77g each) and designed to fit comfortably and discreetly in your bra.
  • 3 Parts for Easy Cleaning and Assembly:  Medela's collection cups are also dishwasher-safe to save you time on cleaning.
  • Transparent design:  Easily ensure that you're placing your nipple correctly into the tunnel, preventing rubbing and discomfort while supporting effective milk expression.  See-through cups help you notice when and how your milk is flowing.
  • Plug and pump:  The Hands-free Collection Cups can easily connect to your Freestyle™, Swing Maxi™ and Pump in Style® , so you can be ready to go sooner!  

What's Included:

  • 2 - Collection cups
  • 2 - 24mm breast shields with 2 O-rings already applied on the shield
  • 2 - 21mm breast shields without O-rings applied
  • 2 - membranes
  • 2 - extension tubing
  • Instructions for use