BabyBjörn Transport Bag for Baby Bouncer


Keep your baby bouncer clean and protected with BabyBjörn's convenient transport bag! Crafted from thin yet durable polyester, this bag ensures your bouncer remains in pristine condition. Featuring a practical handle and a zip opening for easy access, it's designed for hassle-free transportation. Plus, it doubles as a storage solution at home, ensuring your baby bouncer stays clean and fresh between uses. With this versatile bag, you can enjoy peace of mind wherever you go!


  • The bag protects your bouncer, and prevents it from getting dirty or wet when you take it with you.
  • The transport bag’s practical handle and lightness make it easy for you to take your bouncer along when you and your baby go on trips or visit friends.
  • Use the transport bag at home when your bouncer is not in use, so it stays clean and fresh, and takes up less space.
  • To keep things simple, the transport bag fits both Babybjorn baby bouncers (Balance Soft and Bouncer Bliss)


100% Polyester