Clek Foonf Convertible Car Seat


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Safety is the reason Clek is designing car seats  in the first place - to protect the wellbeing of their children and yours. From thoughtful design to impact-reducing materials, all of their baby and toddler car seats and booster car seats are equipped with best-in-class safety features- and they plan to keep on raising the bar when it comes to protecting your kid

The mother of all car seats

Built like a tank. Made with patented energy-absorbing crumple technology. The Foonf convertible car seat provides the utmost protection for your child. It’s easy to install, with a forward-facing rigid-UAS installation that’s so secure, you’d swear the seat becomes one with your vehicle. It’s one of the best-rated convertible car seats available, and has the durability to be passed from one child to another. (And another. And another.)

At less than 17 inches wide, it can be installed 3-across in most vehicles, or makes room for 2+ dogs or adults…

Clek designs car seats that they use for their own kids. That's why they became the first car seat company to remove brominated and chlorinated flame retardants from their car seats in 2014. In 2018, they introduced the world's first convertible car seats and booster seats made without any added flame retardants, featuring ethically sourced 100% Merino wool

The Revolutionary REACT Safety System 

Reducing the Forces Transmitted to Your Forward-Facing Child in a Frontal Collision

The REACT™ Safety System integrated into every Foonf car seat protects your child much like the crumple zones in the cars we drive - one of the most effective innovations in automotive safety. Foonf's REACT Safety System actively reduces the forces transmitted to a child in a frontal collision. The Foonf delivers forward-facing safety performance comparable to that of a rear-facing installation.


  • Height
  • 25–43 in.
  • Weight
  • 14–40 lb
  • Minimum Age
  • Able to sit upright alone
When using with infant-thingy (sold separately), you can accommodate a child that's 5 lb and 19 in.
Seating Depth
12.5 in.
Seating Height
21.5–26 in.
Fore-Aft Measurement In Rear-Facing
33 in.
Height Measurement In Rear-Facing
25.5-28.5 in.
Seat Weight In Rear-Facing
38 lb


Proudly assembled in Ontario, Canada.