Love to Dream Swaddle Up Original


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It is your baby’s natural sleep position that allows your baby access to their hands for self-soothing. Babies often use their hands to settle themselves to sleep, by sucking on their fingers or gently rubbing their cheeks. Medical research suggests that babies sleep better, & for longer, if they are able to self-soothe. So self-soothing = more sleep for the whole family.

The Swaddle UP™ is the only zip-up swaddle available that allows your baby to sleep in the arms UP position. The Swaddle UP™ requires no complicated wrapping, so everyone can swaddle right every time. 

  • Newborn: 5-8.5 lbs (2.2-3.8 kg)
  • Small: 7-13 lbs (3.2-6 kg)
  • Medium: 13-18.5 lbs (6 - 8.5 kg)