Mebie Baby Burp Cloth + Bib Set


Meet the Mebie Burp Cloth + Bib Set! It is perfect gift set for a new baby. The bib will protect your little ones outfit from drool and the burp cloths make sure there will be less wardrobe changes for parents- these bibs + burp cloths absorb well and wash easily! 

Made out of Mebie Baby's same muslin fabric making it as soft as their muslin quilts + swaddles. Mebie Baby's Muslin Burp Cloth + Bibs designs are beautiful, neutral, and stylish. You can pair their Burp Cloths + Bib Set with their muslin quilts and swaddles making them essential baby items.

Material and Care

  • 100% cotton muslin
  • Wash in cold water, Tumble dry low
  • Burp Cloth Size: 20” x 11”