Oxo Tot Bottle Brush Caddy Set


Tackle icky sipping and get to the bottom of bottles once and for all with this all-in-one cleaning set.
Carefully designed brushes reach in and around bottle necks, straws, and other hard-to-reach places for a deep down squeaky clean.
The bottle Brush has unique bristles that minimize water spray while you clean, while the straw brush cleans out every type of straw, and the detail brush gets into crevices and small spaces in lids. Each brush has non-scratch bristles tough enough for serious scrubbing and soft, non-slip handles for a secure grip - even when wet.
Keep all three brushes in the compact Caddy, which stores the bottle Brush upright or right over your sink. The caddy keeps your countertop dry, has a pour spout for easy draining, and comes apart for thorough cleaning.
Product dimensions:7" H × 10" W × 3" L