Swaddelini Swaddle Sleep Sack


Give your baby the gift of better sleep with the Swaddle Sleep Sack, the world's first 3D knit seamless swaddle.

It provides the perfect blend of comfort, safety and freedom, creating an ideal environment for serene and self soothing sleep. As your child grows or starts to roll over, it easily transitions into a wearable blanket for increased movement, just leave the arms out to ensure safety and comfort. This feature makes the Swaddle Sleep Sack a thoughtful and practical gift for new parents. 


The Hug Technology gently cradles your baby to self soothe through Moro reflex and active sleep, encouraging a deep sense of calm. Designed in compliance with AAP guidelines, the Swaddelini ensures a secure fit around the chest and appropriate looseness around the hips for safe and comfortable infant care. 


  • Expertly crafted from soft, sustainable, eco-friendly, post consumer recycled nylon
  • A gentle touch that is also durable
  • Moisture wicking capabilities ensure dry, comfortable nights
  • Proudly crafted in the USA


  • Small size (6-12lbs). Perfectly fits the slender form of newborns, offering a snug, reassuring hold
  • Large size (12-18lbs). Ideal for providing secure comfort to older, fuller babies

Care Details

  • Designed for immediate use
  • Accomodates a variety of baby outfits
  • Simple care routine - washable in cold water, quick to dry on low