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Swaddelini Preemie Warrior Swaddle Sleep Sack


Comfort and Safety for Your Littlest Hero

Introducing the Preemie Warrior Sleep Sack, designed specifically for babies transitioning from the NICU. This innovative swaddle sleeping sack, perfect for little ones weighing 4-6 pounds, offers a comforting, secure fit that most standard swaddles can't provide. It's an embodiment of love and protection for the smallest warriors.

Crafted with their signature 3D-knit technology, the Preemie Warrior Sleep Sack features their patented Hug Technology®. This unique design gently supports your preemie, promoting a calming sleep environment while helping to regulate the Moro reflex, a common concern in premature infants.

In the Preemie Warrior Sleep Sack, each peaceful slumber and gentle awakening marks a journey of growth and resilience, enveloping your little one in a comforting embrace of safety and care.

Soothing Comfort in Every Fiber

  • Expertly crafted from soft, sustainable, eco-friendly, post-consumered recycled nylon.
  • A gentle touch that’s also durable.
  • Moisture-wicking capabilities ensure dry, comfortable nights.
  • Proudly crafted in the USA to the highest standards of quality and environmental care.

Ease for Today’s Parents

  • Designed for immediate use
  • Accommodates a variety of baby outfits.
  • One-Size (4-6 pounds): Specially designed for preemies, ensuring a snug, comfortable fit for the most delicate babies.
  • Easy-care, safe in hot water, and drying on LOW, stays soft, safe, and snug for your baby.
  • Practical and comfortable, dedicated to your baby’s well-being.

Adaptable as They Grow

  • Transitions into a wearable blanket, adapting as your child grows — or just rolls over! Simply leave their arms out for more movement.
  • A gift offering both thoughtfulness and utility to parents for their newest family members.

Care Details

  • Designed for immediate use
  • Accomodates a variety of baby outfits
  • Simple care routine - washable in cold water, quick to dry on low